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Lithium battery maintenance

Lithium batterymaintenance in order to make lithium-ion batteries keep performance optimized, because lithium-ion batteries work in general is just normal or not, so, lithium battery, maintenance work is mainly reflected in the use of electrical appliances in front of charging and considerations for use during the two parts. First, science in the lithium-ion battery maintenance charging behavior: 1. To make the new battery to achieve the best results in a short period, three or more complete charging and discharging can, of course, may or may not do. If this requirement on the instructions, or should I to do according to the specifications required to facilitate future lithium-battery maintenance; 2. Select authentic charger forlithium ion batterycharger manufacturer, and follow the instruction, when using the quick charger, if the light changes, said that the 90% at this time not to rush, you can wait until the battery fully charged; 3. Shut down charging start charging is good; 4. And wo…