Influence factors and optimization of dispersion of lithium-ion batteries

Lithium battery in into group process in the, due to lithium core itself constitute material of subtle differences and into group process of level different, will makes lithium core in using and placed process in the appeared function performance inconsistent of phenomenon, this is lithium battery of discrete phenomenon, description this discrete phenomenon of quantitative index is discrete degrees, it is by several parameter of function relationship obtained of, caused discrete degrees numerical changes of main has: resistance, and voltage, and capacity, and temperature,.
1.Battery internal resistance, especially the polarization resistance of inconsistency that individual cell voltage during the charge/discharge process changes rapidly, resulting in a change of the entire battery pack; 2.Inconsistencies, battery voltage will affect the peak capacity of the battery pack, giving the whole battery pack release energy; 3.Have radiated heat, because batteries work process, the battery temperature will change when overheating, have performance and security implications, it turns out, of the recent electric vehicle operation and test the fuse of fire are due to over temperature protection is not in place the battery heating fires, battery type not only lithium manganese, lithium iron phosphate battery, too; 4.And capacity is discrete sex in the most serious of factors, capacity inconsistent main caused two a aspects of performance problem, a is part battery will in had filling had put State, led to burning, and explosion, not security factors, II is low capacity monomer battery because early end work, effect to whole battery in the other monomer battery of energy cannot completely release, to caused whole battery of life attenuation.
In order to reduce the negative effects of dispersion of lithium ion battery, best meet the battery requirements of uniformity and need to improve from the production and use of angles.
1. Production process, lithium-ion batteries designed to ensure compliance with requirements of large-scale mechanized production, looking for quality control process to ensure battery and the internal structure of the material properties.
2.When usage, first to match the optimal separation technology, making consistency to meet early in the use of lithium batteries, followed by weakening battery internal temperature imbalance, the current density as evenly as possible, reduce the contact resistance of the battery connection.
3.Surface temperature and velocity, test the battery pack, the ventilation of the rational, scientific structure, so that the whole surface of the battery pack temperature uniformity, ensure the battery only when the battery is at the same temperature.
Batteries consistency is poor is more difficult to grasp the battery manufacturing process technology, current control methods are not perfect, but for the dispersion of li ion battery to raise awareness, to improve the consistency of lithium-ion batteries are necessary, are the basis for doing this thing.
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