The first charge of lithium battery

Charging lithium ion battery for the first time to the question seems to be a lot of people; this requires clear following common sense.
Firstly, and full can: lithium battery first times using not exists "activated" problem, reasons is: lithium battery and nickel hydrogen battery of charging and discharging characteristics has very big of difference, more deep of reasons also is, had filling will on lithium battery especially liquid lithium ion battery caused great of hurt, thus, charging should by standard time and standard method charging, do don't for super long charging.
The right way is: lithium battery stops immediately after separation of lithium-ion batteries and chargers. Lithium-ion batteries in a (temporary) will stop automatically after charging, do not exist "sustained" long trickle charging, which is the difference of lithium-ion batteries and nickel-metal hydroxide batteries. Charger full indicates lamp bright if not immediately removed words, due to battery since discharge and lithium battery protection IC still has small current through, will makes lithium battery voltage so and down to can charging of voltage value again charging (because at charger not removed), after and a round of "charging--voltage declined--again charging", makes lithium battery in countless times of charging and discharging cycle process among, eventually damage lithium battery, effect lithium battery life.
Secondly, New lithium-ion battery hand generally comes with a certain amount of electricity, and can be used immediately, instead of having to first charge use, theory and practice, the lithium-ion batteries for the first time charging is taking "after filling" or "filling and then use" effects are exactly the same. There is a limit, date of more than half of it is best to charge, because the power is too low.
With the three, shut down charging boot (actually plug charger and charger) option do not have to deliberately, because the battery performance is the same, some lithium-ion batteries will charge designed in standby mode, but this was relatively small.
Four, in terms of consumer electronics, lithium-ion battery charging time is 2~4 hours, new li ion battery charging time may be longer for the first time, because there is no capacity loss, results are on full power, full is useless, causes noted above, if there's anything to say things are side effects.
Charging time for the lithium-ion batteries for the first time tend to be converted to "activate" the concept of using lithium-ion batteries for the first time some lithium battery manual requests for three full charge/discharge seems to be activated, truly objective and nickel-metal hydroxide batteries eliminate the memory effect is not the same, done mainly in order to eliminate the "passivization", namely lithium-ion battery for up to 3~6 Months in transit will produce some lithium crystals, thus affecting the activity. Eliminate passivization process can be conducted in a lithium battery charging for the first time, can also be done in a normal working environment, not on purpose.
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