Requirements for different uses lithium battery research and development

Lithium battery is the main market is portable device applications, which makes high capacity lithium-ion battery development direction, but in the context of full electric vehicles and large power storage device development, lithium-ion batteries the main direction of research and development trend of diversification have also appeared.
Traditional market of mobile terminals, such as cell phones and notebook computers require high volume, because they often entail a charge can be used for a long time. Popular of iPhone and iPad once a charge was used not long after consumer criticism, therefore, when the new iPad published, the original 6500mAh lithium battery is changed to use 14000mAh large-capacity lithium ion battery. This thing can be seen as a development of rechargeable batteries for portable terminal with high capacity for proof of the direction, to do this, even at the expense of life to realize higher capacity, and general requirements for life is 2 years.
However, after the arrival of the electric car era, lithium-ion battery development direction changed, and now electric vehicles including hybrids, plug-in hybrids and pure electric vehicles of three types. For hybrid cars, in the need to power when accelerating and decelerating exchange, therefore, high power battery is better. Instead, pure electric vehicle because nothing but power lithium battery provides power, so needs the support of large capacity, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in between. Such a conclusion can be drawn: in high power lithium-ion battery requirements, hybrid > plug-in electric hybrids > EV; and in large-capacity lithium-ion batteries require just the opposite, pure electric vehicles > plug-in electric hybrids > hybrids. Of course, this is an internal comparison of different electric vehicles, on the whole, lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles in capacity and power requirements several times higher than the portable terminal, also demanded more life and safety, in addition to this you can not enter the stage of industrialization.
Fixtures use large storage facilities contrast performance requirements for electric vehicles was increased several times, from security, storage systems for building and household storage system, must have fire without burning "high" security, and lithium batteries for electric vehicles and portable terminal clearly does not have such a requirement. Fixture uses storing facilities can also be divided into different main demands. Peak conversion for night storage electric discharges during the day as the representative of the electric power is concerned, requires a battery with high capacity, such as storage facilities for building systems lithium-ion batteries. But for photo voltaic and wind power and changes must be used on output power high power battery with high patience, as greatly affected by natural factors, both power generator output powers varies.
With lithium-ion batteries to the large-scale application of transition and change, makes lithium-ion batteries themselves to solve the fundamental problems have failed, resulting in a combination of li ion battery lithium ion capacitor with the traditional double-layer capacitor advantages, development of novel redox flow battery technology at synchronize the design phase.

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